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Masters of the Marketplace

Masters of the Marketplace is a roadmap to enhance your understanding of the privilege, burden, and the blessing of representing the Kingdom and serving the Lord in the marketplace. Readers will be led through some guiding principles for successful impact.

If you just think your place of employment is just a career, you may want to reconsider those thoughts. You have been positioned to represent the kingdom. You are the living messenger chosen to tell others about the hope that is found in Christ.  You are the prayer warrior laboring with God for changed lives. It is not just a career you have been sent to reach the unsaved, to lift and encourage the downtrodden, and to the strengthen the weak. You are called to be a Master of the Marketplace.


About the Author

Phyllis A. Clemons is a teacher of God’s word. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Administrative Management from the University of Cincinnati and a Master of Religious Education from Cincinnati Bible Seminary. With a call and passion for written communication, Phyllis is the author of Broken – Wing: Taking the Journey Through Affliction. She and her husband Randall reside in West Chester, Ohio. They have two sons, one grandson, and two granddaughters.


Clemons shares the challenges and God-given revelations of her personal journey through physical affliction….

Broken Wing
A Journey Through Affliction: A Devotional Guide to Hope

book cover 2014

God reveals Himself In marvelous ways in the midust of a kourney through affliction. In the fire of affliction there is GRACE for the process.

Broken Wing
An Expose’ on the Journey Through Affliction

Phyllis writes a biblically based invitation to press toward greater intimacy with God. Readers will be challenged, but encouraged to pursue…

Broken Wing
An Expose’ on the Journey Through Affliction